About me

Hello. I am a nurse as a Community Health Specialist, which means I will help my blog community to look for healthier option. Healthy to me means your body and spirit. My goal is to help you feel the spark from within so you can feel good both inside and out. One of my favorite quotes is “Embrace possibilities.” (from an unknown source.)

So are you ready to take this journey with me. This is my first step so let’s do it together. Suggestions for topics are always welcome.


One thought on “About me

  1. Hi there, Suzie. The topic for your blog is fantastic. I am also a first-time blogger and a full-time online student at Southern New Hampshire University. I am currently attending a series of four webinars explaining the building of a WordPress blog. One important aspect is to make sure your blog is created exactly the way you need it and want it. Make sure it is appealing to the viewers. I see you are asking for topic suggestions. How about this topic? The cultural significances of family mealtimes. Best of luck on your new blog!


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