Monsters in the closet

Photo from Bing, images

The other night I was trying to sleep and noticed the clothes closet door was open. Now, as a child, I would not be able to sleep because the monster in the closet might come out. I know now there are no monsters in there and I could sleep with the door open.

But, maybe there are really monsters. These beasts live within us. For example, a friend told me that as she packed to move to her new house she found a birthday card that her mother had given her. At first she thought that was nice as her birthday was next week. She read the card which made her smile until she read the words ” Love, Mommy.” Her mother always signed the cards that way, even when my friend was in her 50s. All at once she began to cry uncontrollable because she realized she would never get another card with “Love, Mommy.” She couldn’t figure out why she was so upset, especially since she didn’t like that her mother always treated her like a little girl. 

I told her, she was probably just grieving the loss of her mother. I reminded her how she made all the funeral arrangements and also settled everything in the estate. She agreed that she didn’t let herself grieve because death was a part of life and she believed her mother was in a better place. She stilled missed being able to ask her mother’s advise. No one else knew her mom’s recipe for fried chicken, which was the best. No one else knew the stories about vacations and the time they wore big straw hats in the hot tub or the time her mom gave her a tea party when she turned 40. But still the memories were comforting and she began to feel better as she share her concerns and stories with me.

So, I bet if we check, we all have monsters in the closet. Let the monsters out so you can go on and be happy. Share your story in a blog or with a dear friend.


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