New Life

img_2421Our daughter and son-in-law are due to have their baby at the end of the month. They did not want to know the sex but the baby has a pretty face on the Ultrasound. Very angelic. I guess I sound like a grandmother.

I thought about new life and the joy we receive by looking at new flowers poking through the dirt in the spring and the smiles we get from companions such as new puppies or kittens. These thing are all signs that life continues on, no matter what your day was like. When we have a bad day, it is good to get rid of the negative energy. Watch something happy, talk to your best friend, or get outside and look at all the wonder in the world. Stoop down to see the Lady bug on the flower. Watch a trail of ants and be amazed at their strength and work ethic. Look at the children playing together.

See all that is new in the world and look at the good in your life. Consider if it’s time to take a new path and start a new adventure that you have been putting off. Live your life to the fullest!


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